Chinese Class/中文課程

To provide the opportunity for the Southern Orange County students to study Chinese language and culture, Bread of Life Great Park Church (BOLGPC) has founded a Chinese School in Irvine, CA — BOL Chinese School. It is a Christian heritage school and located at the border of Lake Forest and Irvine Spectrum, by Bake parkway and Muirland Ave in City of Irvine. It is an immersion teaching style in a small class environment.  The curriculum is based on thematic teaching and task-oriented curriculum, supplemented with the Bible verses for student character development. Each classroom is equipped with the media system.  Besides teaching Chinese language and culture, the school also emphasizes on student’s good character development.

Sunday Program

  • School Opening Date: August 22, 2022
  • Class Hour: Sunday afternoon, 1:30 PM – 4:15 PM

Weekdays Program

  • School Opening Date: August 18, 2022
  • Class Hour: Tuesday & Thursday afternoon, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

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為增益南橙縣地區青少年兒童學習華語文及中華多元文化, 並注重培養學生們良好的品格,大公園靈糧堂基督教會附屬的靈糧中文學校,特別以小班制的教學環境與數位教學設備輔以培基文教基金會的品格教育系列課程來教導學生。依能力及年齡分班,以溝通式教學法為主。即日開始接受網路報名。


  • 開學日期: 2022 年 8 月 21日
  • 上課時間: 星期日 下午 1:30 – 4:15


  • 開學日期: 2022 年 8 月 18日
  • 上課時間: 星期二、四 下午 4:00 – 5:30